Seminars at MBG

Upcoming Seminars

  • 02.09.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Claude Desplan
    New York University, New York, USA
    Evolution of insect retinal mosaics
    MBG Seminar

Previous Seminars

  • 27.04.2017, 13:00 - Seminar Room, 3rd floor
    Mehmet Kara
    University of Florida, Gainesville
    Target Identification of MHV68 miRNAs and Characterization of a miRNA-antisense Long Noncoding RNA
    MBG Seminar

  • 07.04.2017 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Güneş Özhan
    IBG İzmir
    Binding of canonical Wnt ligands to their receptor complexes occurs in ordered plasma membrane environments
    MBG Seminar


  • 17.06.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Ulaş Özkurede
    University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor
    Mitochondrial Stress Response in Ageing
    MBG Seminar

  • 20.05.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Michalis Averof, Ph.D.
    Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon (IGFL)
    Live imaging and cell tracking of limb regeneration
    MBG Seminar

  • 13.05.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Tunahan Çakır, Ph.D.
    Gebze Technical University
    A novel metabolite-centric computational approach for the identification of perturbed metabolic pathways from transcriptome data
    MBG Seminar

  • 06.05.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Gözde Korkmaz, Ph.D.
    Netherlands Cancer Institute
    CRISPR-Cas9 based functional genetic screens for enhancer elements
    MBG Seminar

  • 29.04.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Özgür Kütük, Ph.D.
    Başkent University
    Mitochondrial Estrogen Receptors and Endocrine Therapy Response in Breast Cancer
    MBG Seminar

  • 15.04.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Robin Hiesinger, Ph.D.
    Freie Universitaet Berlin
    Brain Wiring on the Fly: Simple Rules in Neural Circuit Assembly
    MBG Seminar

  • 08.04.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Rengül Çetin-Atalay, Ph.D.
    Middle East Technical University
    PI3K/AKT/mTOR Cell Survival Pathway: Target for Cancer Drug Discovery in Liver Cancer
    MBG Seminar

  • 25.03.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Ceren Çıracı, Ph.D.
    Istanbul Technical University
    Mechanisms of inflammasome-driven adaptive immunity by Immune complexes
    MBG Seminar

  • 11.03.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Ege Kavalalı, Ph.D.
    University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
    Molecular Basis and Functional Consequences of Synaptic Vesicle Pool Heterogeneity
    MBG Seminar

  • 26.02.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Nader Pourmand, Ph.D.
    University of California, Santa Cruz
    Biosensor and Chemosensor: Applications of Nanopipette Technologies in Single Cells
    MBG Seminar

  • 19.02.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Özgür Şahin, Ph.D.
    Bilkent University
    Systems Biology of drug resistance and metastasis in breast cancer
    MBG Seminar

  • 15.01.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Müge Öğrünç, Ph.D.
    Deciphering Oncogene and Therapy-induced Senescence for New Therapeutic Strategies
    MBG Seminar

  • 08.01.2016, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Gözde Ekici, Ph.D.
    University of Pennsylvania
    Amyloid Fibril Nucleation in Reverse Micelles
    MBG Seminar

  • 18.12.2015, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Hasan Demirci, Ph.D.
    Stanford University
    Mutant Ribosomes and the Action of Antibiotics
    MBG Seminar

  • 7.12.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    M. Mehdi Karimi, Ph.D.
    University of British Columbia
    Epigenetic regulation of endogenous retroviruses in stem cells and cancers
    MBG Recruitment Seminar

  • 4.12.2015, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Abdullah Kahraman, Ph.D.
    University of Zürich
    Combining Computational Structural Systems Biology to Study Oncogenesis
    MBG Recruitment Seminar

  • 20.11.2015, 15:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Duygu Kuzuoğlu Öztürk, Ph.D.
    Max-Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen
    The CCR4-NOT Complex is a major downstream effector complex of miRNA-mediated gene silencing
    MBG Seminar

  • 17.11.2015, 14:30, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Valerie Lallemand-Breitenbach, Ph.D.
    College de France
    The cell biology of disease: PML nuclear bodies

  • 17.11.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Hugues de The, Ph.D.
    College de France
    Lessons taught by acute promyelocytic leukemia cure: modern biology viewed through the prism of cancer

  • 13.11.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Lia Moheb, Ph.D.
    University of Leipzig
    Identification and characterization of genes involved in human brain development
    MBG Seminar

  • 16.10.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Muhammad Naseem, Ph.D.
    University of Würzburg
    Plant Immunity, Microbial Pathogenesis and Cytokinins:
    An Integrated Systems Biology Perspective

    MBG Recruitment Seminar

  • 2.10.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Vassiliki Nikoletopoulou, Ph.D.
    IMBB Crete
    Novel Roles for Neurotrophins in the Developing and
    Adult Nervous System

    MBG Recruitment Seminar

  • 26.08.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Melih Acar, Ph.D.
    UT Southwestern
    Deep imaging of bone marrow shows hematopoietic stem cells are mainly perisinusoidal
    MBG Seminar

  • 15.07.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Mehmet Orman, Ph.D.
    Princeton University
    Bacterial Persisters: A Metabolically Stimulated State
    MBG Seminar

  • 26.06.2015, 11:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Ali Eroğlu, Ph.D.
    Georgia Regents University
    Pluripotent stem cells as disease models and therapeutic tools: What path(s) to take?
    MBG Seminar

  • 12.06.2015, 11:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Ben Goult, Ph.D.
    University of Kent
    Stretching Talin, a mechanosesor that regulates cell migration
    MBG Seminar

  • 10.06.2015, 11:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Ben Shykind, Ph.D.
    Weill Cornell Medical College Qatar
    A refinement mechanism involved in the generation of olfactory sensory neuronal subtypes
    MBG Seminar

  • 1.06.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Gamze Küser-Abalı, Ph.D.
    Harvard University
    YAP-AR Interaction Contributes to the wwitch from androgen-dependent to castration-resistant growth in prostate cancer
    MBG Seminar

  • 29.05.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Cumhur Yusuf Demirkale, Ph.D.
    NIH, CIT/DCB/Mathematical and Statistical Computing Laboratory
    Linear mixed model selection for false discovery rate control in microarray data analysis
    MBG Seminar

  • 27.05.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Ernesto Guccione, Ph.D.
    Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore
    Interplay between MYC, TERT and PRMT5 in lymphomagenesis:
    new partners in crime?

    MBG Seminar

  • 18.05.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Kaveh Mashayekhi, Ph.D.
    University of Copenhange, Faculty of Medical Sciences
    Genomics and bioinformatics in disease biomarker discovery
    where systems biology meets systemic medicine

    MBG Seminar

  • 15.05.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Mehmet Baysan, Ph.D.
    Cornell University
    Cancer Bioinformatics
    MBG Seminar

  • 15.04.2015, 16:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Hadi Özbal, Ph.D.
    Boğaziçi University
    Study of Dietary Preferences of Neolithic Communities of NW Anatolia by Organic Residue Analysis in Pottery
    MBG Seminar

  • 27.03.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Murat Köseoğlu, Ph.D.
    Fatih University
    Coordination of cell cycle and histone production
    MBG Seminar

  • 24.03.2015, 14:30, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Arij Doau, Ph.D.
    University of Chicago
    Electrophysiological characterization temporal precision and sequence generation in HVC neurons of the songbird
    MBG Seminar

  • 20.03.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Kurtuluş Gökduman, Ph.D.
    Harvard University & Beykent University
    Iron-Induced Hepatotoxicity: Possible Mechanisms, Early Diagnosis with miRNA Expression Levels and Therapy with Mesenchymal Stem Cells
    MBG Seminar

  • 06.03.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Yun Yin (Peter) Ng, Ph.D.
    Bilgi University

    MBG Seminar

  • 27.02.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Umut Şahin, Ph.D.
    INSERM, CNRS, University of Paris
    PML Nuclear Bodies: From APL cure to novel therapeutic perspectives
    MBG Seminar

  • 13.02.2015, 14:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Berat Haznedaroğlu, Ph.D.
    Boğaziçi University Department of Environmental Sciences
    Transcriptome analysis of lipid producing microalgae using next generation DNA sequencing technologies: Implications for improved biofuel production
    MBG Seminar

  • 13.02.2015, 11:00, K Park 3rd Floor Seminar Room
    Şerif Şentürk, Ph.D.
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories
    TGF-beta-mediated Tumor-Microenvironment Remodeling by Regnase-1: a Link Between Cancer and Inflammation
    MBG Seminar

  • 26.12.2014, 14:00, KPark 8
    Yavuz Oktay, Ph.D.
    Acıbadem University
    An Integrative Approach to Pathways of Glioma Development: From Genetic Susceptibility to Therapy
    MBG Seminar

  • 25.12.2014, 14:00, KP 08
    Atilgan Yılmaz, Ph.D.
    ETH Zürich
    Challenging mammalian muscle cell identity: msx2-driven dedifferentiation drven in mammalian myotubes
    MBG Seminar

  • 23.12.2014, 14:00, KP 08
    Ali Ertürk, Ph.D.
    Ludwig-Maximilian Universitaet, München
    Sculpting the nervous system: spine elimination and dendrite retraction by local apoptosis
    MBG Seminar

  • 19.12.2014, 14:00, KPark 8
    Emrah Nikerel, Ph.D.
    Bahçeşehir University
    Understanding Regulation of Metabolism through Feasibility Analysis: Lessons learned from kinetic models of metabolic reaction networks
    MBG Seminar

  • 12.12.2014, 14:00, KPark 8
    Deniz Atasoy, Ph.D.
    Medipol University
    Understanding the brain circuits for controlling feeding behaviour
    MBG Seminar

  • 28.11.2014, 14:00, KPark 8
    Bayram Yüksel, Ph.D.
    Applications of Next Generation Sequencing Technologies & TUBITAK IGBAM (Advanced Genome and Bioinformatics Research Lab.)
    MBG Seminar

  • 21.11.2014, 14:00, KP 08
    Christopher Mayack, Ph.D.
    Martin-Luther Universitaet, Halle-Willeberg
    Regulatory metabolic factors involved in the evolution of social behavior
    MBG Seminar

  • 7.11.2014, 14:00, KPark 8
    Nuri Öztürk, Ph.D.
    The Journey of Light in Resetting the Biological Clock
    MBG Seminar

  • 31.10.2014, 14:00, KP 08
    Mazhar Adlı, Ph.D.
    University of Virginia, School of Medicine
    Understanding and manipulating genome and epigenome
    MBG Seminar

  • 24.10.2014, 14:00, KP 01
    Patrick Callaerts, Ph.D.
    University KU Leuven
    Genetic Control of differentiation and function of Drosophila insulin-producing cells
    MBG Seminar

  • 23.10.2014, 14:00, KP 01
    Matthew Holt, Ph.D.
    University KU Leuven, VIB
    Investigating the Molecular Mechanisms of Astrocyte Function in Health and Disease
    MBG Seminar

  • 17.10.2014, 14:00, KPark 8
    Nathan Lack, Ph.D.
    Koç University
    Determining the origin of bladder cancer multifocality with next generation sequencing
    MBG Seminar

  • 10.10.2014, 14:00, KPark 8
    Elif Nur Firat-Karalar, Ph.D.
    Koç University
    Moving Beyond the Parts List for the Centrosome
    MBG Seminar

  • 29.09.2014, 14:00, KP 02
    Mishisuke Yuzaki, Ph.D.
    Keio University
    How do neurons form, maintain, or eliminate synapses - new roles played by C1q complement family
    MBG Seminar

  • 26.09.2014, 14:00, KPark 8
    Mustafa Baydogan, Ph.D.
    BU Dept. of Industrial Engineering
    Modeling Relationship Between Gene Expression and Chromatin Modifications
    MBG Seminar

  • 11.04.2014, 14:00, KPark 101
    Ulaş Tezel, Ph.D.
    Bogazici University Institute of Environmental Sciences
    Pseudomonas sp. BIOMIG1 Craves for Disinfectants
    MBG Seminar

  • 28.03.2014, 14:00, New Hall 101
    Nikos Stergiopulos, Ph.D.
    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne
    The Role Of The Academic Lab In The Development Of Frontline And Clinically-Relevant Medical Technologies
    MBG Seminar

  • 21.03.2014, 14:00, KPark 101
    Elif Ayşimi Duman, Ph.D.
    Boğaziçi University Psychology Department
    Nature and Nurture: Role of Genetic and Environmental Factors on Human Stress Reactivity
    MBG Seminar

  • 05.03.2014, 14:00, New Hall 101
    Åsa Fex Svenningsen, Ph.D.
    University of Southern Denmark
    A Role Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor In The Developing Nervous System
    MBG Seminar

  • 28.02.2014, 14:00, New Hall 101
    Batu Erman, Ph.D.
    Sabancı University
    Regulation of the p53 tumor suppressor protein
    MBG Seminar

  • 28.01.2014, 14:00, New Hall 101
    Emrah Altındiş, Ph.D.
    Harvard Medical School
    Bioinformatics and Proteomics Approaches for Bacterial Antigen Discovery
    MBG Seminar

  • 21.01.2014, 14:00, KP315
    Çiğdem Gelegen van Eijl, Ph.D.
    Imperial College London
    Mapping Genes and Neuronal Networks Underlying the Development of Behavioral and Physiological Processes
    MBG Seminar

  • 20.12.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Kristin Franke, Ph.D.
    Dresden University
    The Oxygen Sensor PHD2 Has Important In Vivo Functions in Erythropoiesis and Inflammation
    MBG Seminar

  • 08.11.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Gül Civelekoğlu Scholey, Ph.D.
    University of California, Davis
    Error Correction Mechanisms for Accurate Chromosome Segregation
    MBG Seminar

  • 01.11.2013, 13.00, New Hall 101
    Alfred Singer, Ph.D.
    National Institutes of Health, USA
    Molecular Basis for Thymic Selection of an MHC- Restricted T Cell Repertoire
    MBG Seminar

  • 01.11.2013, 14.00, New Hall 101
    Dinnah Singer, Ph.D.
    National Institutes of Health, USA
    Two Faces of BRD4: Mitotic Bookmark and Transcriptional Lynchpin
    MBG Seminar

  • 01.11.2013, 15.30, New Hall 101
    Eric Siggia, PhD
    Rockefeller University
    Dynamics of TGFb Signaling and Implications for Embryonic Patterning
    MBG Seminar

  • 25.10.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Jonathan Scholey
    University of California, Davis & Boğaziçi University
    Motors Adapted for Mitosis and Ciliogenesis

    MBG Seminar

  • 09.10.2013, 11:00, KP315
    Eda Yıldırım, Ph.D.
    Harvard Medical School
    Balancing Mammalian X-chromosome Dosage: Mechanistic Insights and Impact on Cancer
    MBG Seminar

  • 23.09.2013, 15:00, Albert Long Hall
    Bruce Alberts, Ph.D.
    UCSF, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
    Biology Past and Biology Future: Where have we been and Where are we going?
    MBG Seminar

  • 20.09.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Meltem Elitas, Ph.D.
    Yale University
    Microfabricated Tools for Quantitative Biology, in the Context of Bacterial Antibiotic Tolerance and Cancer Heterogeneity
    MBG Seminar

  • 18.09.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Albena Jordanova, Ph.D.
    VIB University of Antwerp
    Loss-of-function Mutations in HINT1 Cause Axonal Neuropathy with Neuromyotonia
    MBG Seminar

  • 31.05.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Cihan Aydın, Ph.D.
    University of Massachusetts
    Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Non-Structural Protein 3/4A (NS3/4A) - A Tale of Two Domains
    MBG Seminar

  • 17.05.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Ranan Gülhan Aktaş
    Koç University
    Can a Tumor Cell Turn into a Normal Cell? A Collaborative Study Between US and Turkey
    MBG Seminar

  • 10.05.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Stein Aerts
    KU Leuven
    Motif-based Identification of Master Regulators and TF-target Interactions in Human and Drosophila Gene Networks
    FP7 REGPOT Seminar

  • 12.04.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Kerem Pekkan
    Koç University
    Embryonic Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics of Great Arteries
    MBG Seminar

  • 05.04.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Halil Bayraktar, Ph.D.
    Koç University
    Real-time Detection of Rhodopsin Dynamics by Fluorescence Spectroscopy
    MBG Seminar

  • 29.03.2013, 14:00, New Hall 101
    Jonathan C. Howard, Ph.D.
    Gulbenkian Institute, and Institute of Genetics, University of Cologne,
    Genetic Control of a Parasitic Disease
    FP7 REGPOT Seminar
    More Info

  • 29.03.2013, 14:00, New Hall 101
    Maria Leptin, Ph.D.
    Institute of Genetics, University of Cologne and EMBL, Heidelberg
    Genetic Regulation of Complex Cell Shapes
    FP7 REGPOT Seminar
    More Info

  • 29.03.2013, 11:00, KP315
    Utz Herbig, Ph.D.
    NJMS-UH Cancer Center
    Telomeres in Cancer and Aging: Good Things Can Have Bad Ends
    MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 22.03.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Tuğba Bağcı Önder
    Koç University
    Novel Approaches in Targeting Malignant Brain Cancers
    MBG Seminar

  • 08.03.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Özgül Persil Çetinkol, Ph.D.
    Dogus University
    From Small Molecule-Nucleic Acid Interactions to Biofuels
    MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 08.03.2013, 10:00, KP315
    Dan Lloyd, Ph.D.
    Kent University, UK
    Targeted Radionuclide Therapy for the Treatment of Cancer
    MBG Seminar
    More Info
    MBG Seminar

  • 08.02.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Gülcan Akgül, Ph.D
    Stony Brook University
    Expression and Function of the MAGuK Family of Scaffolding Proteins in Cortical Interneurons

  • 01.02.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Özlem Dilek, Ph.D
    SUNY and UNC-Chappel Hill
    Hydrazine-Based Bioorthogonal Fluorophores: A Logical Approach to Turn-On Targeting
    MBG Seminar

  • 04.01.2013, 14:00, KP315
    Nilgün E. Tümer, Ph.D
    Rutgers University
    Ribosome interactions of ricin, Shiga toxins and trichothecene mycotoxins and genome wide approaches to develop resistance to these toxins
    MBG Seminar

  • 30.11.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Erdal Toprak, Ph.D.
    Sabancı University
    Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance on a Multi-Peaked Landscape
    MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 15.11.2012, 14:00, KP315
    John Sedivy
    Center for Genomics and Proteomics,
    Brown University, USA

    Genome-wide Chromatin Changes Associated with Aging and a New Mouse Longevity Model
    MBG-LifeSci Seminar
    More Info

  • 02.11.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Jean-Marc Fritschy
    Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology
    University of Zurich, Switzerland

    Formation of GABA-ergic synapses and neurotransmission
    More Info

  • 19.10.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Peter Mombaerts
    MPI Biophysics, Frankfurt, Germany
    Coding Olfaction
    More Info

  • 21.09.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Christian Klämbt
    University of Munster, Germany
    Migration and specification of glial cells in Drosophila
    More Info

  • 20.09.2012, 11:00, KP315
    Matthew Russell, Ph.D.
    University of Colorado, USA
    Rab5 isoforms in normal and aberrant enosome biogenesis
    More Info

  • 14.09.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Erez Raz
    Max Planck Institute for Molecular Medicine, Munster, Germany
    Motility and directional migration of primordial germ
    cells in zebrafish

    More Info

  • 22.06.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Sevtap Savaş,PhD
    Memorial University, Neufundland
    Genetic Prognostic Studies in Colorectal Cancer
    More Info

  • 08.06.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Paola Bovolenta,
    Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
    To be announced
    More Info

  • 04.06.2012, 11:00, KP315
    Soledad Galli, Ph.D.,
    University College London, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology,
    Wnt signaling controls synaptic maintenance in the striatum:
    Potential implications in Parkinson's Disease
    More Info

  • 01.06.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Ceren Korkmaz,
    Ege University
    Apoptotic profile of prostate cancer cell line LNCaP
    More Info

  • 25.05.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Roger Patient,
    University of Oxford
    To be announced
    More Info

  • 18.05.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Mustafa Köksal,
    University of Pennsylvania
    From Isoprene to Taxol®: Structural Biology of Terpenoid Biosynthesis
    More Info

  • 11.05.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Tayfun Özçelik,
    Bilkent University
    Consanguinity based dissection of inherited phenotypes in humans: Quadrupedal Locomotion
    More Info

  • 04.05.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Kemal Topaloğlu,
    Çukurova University
    Understanding Puberty Physiology: A Molecular Genetic Approach
    More Info

  • 25.04.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Chris Junnian Liu,
    Beijing Genome Institute(BGI)
    Human Genomics Research at (BGI), Fundamental research on human genomes, human disease and trait
    More Info

  • 20.04.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Devrim Gözüaçık, MD, PhD.,
    Sabancı University, Istanbul
    Eating me up inside: An autophagy tale alla turca
    More Info

  • 29.02.2012, 14:00, KP315
    Ismet Çağlar Tanrıkulu, Ph.D.,
    University of Wisconsin, USA
    Identification of MetRS mutants for metabolic labeling of proteins with azidonorleucine through in vivo and in silico library screens
    More Info

  • 09.12.2011, 14:00, KP315
    Joyce Tombran-­Tink, Ph.D., Colin J Barnstable, DPhil
    Penn State College of Medicine Pennsylvania, USA
    Diabetic Retinopathy and AMD: New Insights into Mechanisms and Developing Therapeutics
    More Info

  • 02.12.2011, 14:00, KP315
    Trinity College Dublin
    Molecular Cell Biology laboratory

    To be announced
    More Info

  • 18.11.2011, 14:00, KP315
    University of Crete
    Institute of Molecular Biology & Niotechnology

    Heat stroke induced neurodegeneration: The protective role of the heat shock response
    More Info

  • 21.10.2011, 14:00, KP315
    University de bourdeaux
    Huntington’s disease: Huntingtin and the control of cellular dynamics
    More Info

  • 07.10.2011, 14:00, KP315
    University of Michigan, Medical School
    Role in Host Defense and Inflammatory Disease
    More Info

  • 23.09.2011, 14:00, KP315
    University of British Colombia, Faculty of Medicine
    Inflammation in the AD brain
    More Info

  • 08.09.2011, 14:00, KP315
    Northwestern University, Department of Psychology
    Chemistry of memory: translational and post-translational mechanisms
    More Info

  • 02.09.2011, 14:00, KP315
    Institute of Parasitology, Department of Parasite Immunology
    Vertebrate proteolysis regulation by the salivary secretion of blood feeding arthropods
    More Info

  • 16.06.2011, 14:00, KP315
    Kirsten Sadler Edepli
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    Department of Medicine-­Division of Liver Disease
    Department of Regenerative and Developmental Biology

    Fishing for fat: using zebrafish to understand fatty liver disease
    MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 08.06.2011, 14:00, KP315
    Birdal Bilir
    Wayne State University
    Mechanisms of Tribbles3-mediated amelioration of protein misfolding diseases
    MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 20.05.2011, 14:00, KP315
    Sigrun I. Korshing
    Institute of Genetics, University of Cologne, Germany
    Evolutionary aspects of sensory perception
    FP7 MBG-BRIDGE Seminar
    More Info

  • 18.05.2011 14:00, KP315
    Serdar Bozdag
    National Institute of Health (NIH), National Cancer Institute (NCI)
    Reverse engineering of gene regulatory networks via parallel computing
    MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 13.05.2011, 14:00, KP315
    Arzu Atalay
    Ankara University,Biotechnology Institute
    miRNome analysis of C.elegans early embryogenesis and larval
    MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 11.05.2011, 14:00, KP315
    Thomas Schwartz
    Children's Hospital,Harvard Medical School
    Mitochondrial movement, and why it matters to a neurobiologist
    FP7 MBG-BRIDGE Seminar
    More Info

  • 06.05.2011, 14:00, KP315
    Martin Raff
    MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology,
    University College London

    Making Sense of Autism
    FP7 MBG-BRIDGE Seminar
    More Info

  • 04.05.2011, 14:00, KP315
    Charles Lineweaver
    Australian National University,
    Research School of Earth Sciences

    The evolutionary origins of cancer
    FP7 MBG-BRIDGE Seminar
    More Info

  • 01.04.2011, 14:00, K315
    Ali Gure
    Bilkent University,
    Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

    Alterations of epigenetic control in cancer:
    from the viewpoint of cancer‐testis antigen genes
    MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 18.03.2011, 14:00, K315
    Nurhan Ozlu
    Koc University,
    Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

    Cell division from a proteomic perspective
    MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 04.03.2011, 14:00, K315
    Ugur Sezerman
    Sabancı University,
    Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences,
    Biological Sciences and Bioengineering

    SNP analysis and the identification of important signaling pathways
    MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 06.01.2011, 14:00, K315
    Ömer H. Yılmaz,
    David Sabatini Lab,
    Whitehead Institute,
    MIT, USA

    The role of mTORC1 mediated nutrient signaling in
    intestinal stem cell maintenance
    MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 16.12.2010, 15:00, K315
    Bassem Hassan,
    Department of Molecular and Developmental Genetics
    VIB and KU Leuven School of Medicine
    Leuven, Belgium

    Patterning neuronal connectivity
    FP7-MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 04.10.2010, 14:00, K315
    Claire Wyart,
    Brain Sciences Institute,
    ICM, Paris

    Chemical Optogenetics applied to the exploration of
    GABAergic neurons in vivo: activation during
    sensory processing & manipulation with light
    MBG Seminar
    More Info

  • 13.07.2010
    Orhan Nalcıoğlu
    National Institute of Health (NIH), Bethesday, MD, USA
    Research at the Tu & Yuen Center for Functional Onco-Imaging
    BU LifeSci Seminar: Medical Imaging
    More Info
  • 02.10.2009
    Gordon Hager
    National Institute of Health (NIH), Bethesday, MD, USA
    Interaction of the glucocorticoid receptor with the chromatin landscape
    More Info
  • 09.10.2009
    Murat Köseoğlu
    The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Division of Gene Regulation,
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Dance of two kinases:
    Cell cycle dependent cooperation of Cyclin A/Cdk1 and CK2 to trigger degradation of SLBP- a key player in histone mRNA metabolism
  • 16.10.2009
    Anandasankar Ray
    University of California Riverside, USA
    Inhibition of CO2 detection in insects: a novel paradigm for behavior modification
    More Info
  • 23.10.2009
    Kuyas Buğra
    BU - MBG
    Salt inducible kinase 2 - potential regulator of FGF dependent proliferation & survival pathways
    More Info
  • 30.10.2009
    Özlen Konu
    Bilkent University, Ankara
    Comparative systems biology of Zebrafish and Humans
    More Info
  • 06.11.2009
    İbrahim Yaman
    TÜBITAK-MAM, Gebze
    Post-transcriptional regulation of arginine/lysine transporter Cat-1 mRNA during amino acid starvation;
    In vitro assesment of Ochratoxin A toxicity and carcinogenicity
  • 20.11.2009
    Neşe Bilgin
    BU - MBG
    Crystalization and structure of protein synthesis elongation factor EF-Tu:EF-Ts complex from Geobacillus anatolicus
    More Info
  • 23.11.2009
    Hugo J Bellen
    Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA
    Novel genome-wide technologies to manipulate flies
    Flies to characterize the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disease
    More Info
  • 04.12.2009
    Amitav Sanyal
    BU - Chemistry
    Biomolecular immobilization: the chemistry-biology interface
    More Info