Dear Students,

Welcome to the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG). We hope that you will learn much, accomplish a lot and enjoy your education in our department. We will try our best to support each of you in your journey to developing into a young scientist. We will enjoy sharing our experiences with you.

It has been 30 years since our first undergraduates obtained their BS degrees and 26 years since we accepted our first graduate students. From the beginning MBG has been a research oriented academic institution and it is a major contributor to scientific research in Turkey. Our research topics cover a wide range of biological systems and we apply a breadth of molecular and cellular biology, molecular genetics, genomics, biochemistry and bioinformatics approaches. You will find more detailed information on research interests of the faculty members in the following pages.

We are also committed to train and educate the next generation of scientists in all aspects of career development with regard to research, teaching and service to the community at the highest levels of excellence. MBG offers both MS and PhD programs that include required and

elective courses, and research requirements. In the first semester, in the context of the obligatory practical courses Bio 500 and Bio 601 in MS and PhD curriculums, respectively, we will ask you to do ‘lab rotations’. You will find further information on this policy in the following pages.

MBG hosts strong collaborative research programs with other BU departments and divisions including the Psychology Department, Chemical Engineering Department and the Biomedical Institute. MBG is an active member of the BU Life Sciences and Technologies Center supported by the State Planning Organization and aims to provide infrastructure and coordination of large-­‐scale interdisciplinary projects. We have also established highly successful research and teaching consortia with Institutions in Europe (e.g. KU Leuven, University of Göttingen) and the USA including the Baylor College of Medicine and Brown University.

Again, we welcome you all and wish you the best for your education ahead! And remember we are here for you; do not hesitate to come to talk to us.

MBG Faculty Members

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