A Revolution in Vaccine Technologies

Scientists from Turkey were the first in the world to develop a vaccine carrier technology that lasts 30 days at room temperature. The discovery by Assoc. Prof. Nesrin Özören, faculty member at Boğaziçi University’s Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, is revolutionary in the field of vaccine technologies.

Faculty Position

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics is inviting applications for an open full-time faculty position at the assistant, associate, or full professor level. Preference will be given to applicants with expertise and a documented track record in bioinformatics and/or genomics. Yet, outstanding applications from other research fields in molecular life sciences, such as stem cell biology, immunology, genetics, epigenetics, or molecular neurobiology will also be considered.

Admission and Graduate Entrance Exam

The written exam will be held on the 6th of May, 2015 at 10.00 am in the Department Seminar Room (Kuzey Park building, 3rd floor). The written exam consists of three sections: Genetics, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. During the 3 hour exam MSc applicants have to answer 2 out of the 4 questions in each section, whereas PhD applicants have to answer 3 out of four questions.

Graduate Programs Information Day

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi lisansüstü programlarını 3 Nisan, Cuma günü düzenlenecek etkinlikle tanıtıyor.

Why study Molecular Biology and Genetics?

MBG insan ve tüm diğer canlılar için sağlıklı yaşamın temelini aydınlatmak üzere gerçekleştirilen tüm çalışmaları kapsayan bir bilim dalıdır. Örneğin, sağlık sektöründe kullanılan ilaçlar ve metodolojilerin hemen hepsi bu temel bilim dalında elde edilen bulgulardan kaynaklanmaktadır.


A new project, "Identification and molecular characterization of yeast species suitable for wine/alcohol fermentation from wineyards of Turkey" has been granted by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock".
This two year project, started in June 2013 is coordinated by Prof. Nes'e Bilgin. The project aims to collect native wine yeast for the needs of industrial wine makers in Turkey which is currently import dependent.

Turkey and Human Genome Project

Bogazici University Human Genome Project:
First Step Towards Personal Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Bogazici University

BU - EMBO - KU Leuven Partnership

The Boğaziçi University - EMBO - University of Leuven partnership for exchange of young researchers

To stimulate exchange of young researchers and to promote international collaboration at the European level, Bogaziçi University, European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO), and the Leuven International Doctoral School Biomedical Sciences have set up a joint programme that allows for:

  • Short term fellowships (maximum 3 months) for Master students from Boğaziçi University to receive research training in Leuven.
  • Organization of advanced thematic courses for Master and PhD students at Boğaziçi University.
  • Recruitment of doctoral students.
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